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any ideas?

i'm new here, so i'll say a little about myself. i'm michelle, i'm 18, and this LJ account is for my dream journal (most posts are friends-only); my real journal is michellyaqua12. i was in another dream interpretation community for a while, but people hardly ever comment there (except me), so i decided to join some others to find a more active one where i can get some help occasionally.

i keep having dreams about my friends having eating disorders, and none of them do in real life (with the exception of this one girl who was in every one of my dreams one night, but her eating disorder was never mentioned or anything, so i didn't think of the fact she's bulimic until now). i had a dream that this guy scott (who's close friends with my bf, and now one of my close friends too) calls me and asks if my bf dan is anorexic, and i start telling him dan's just been sick lately so he hasn't been eating as much and it's nothing to worry about. i reassure him, but maybe it's partly to reassure myself, because then in the back of my mind after i get off the phone, i start wondering if maybe something is wrong.

then i had a dream that i'm hanging out with an ex-bf (only other serious relationship i've had, if that matters) who's now just a good friend, and i realize he's bulimic because i find a piece of paper where he wrote a whole page describing it or something. (he didn't write it to me, he just wrote it for himself and i happened to see it). i start asking him about it, because i'm really concerned, and i think he just shrugs it off and says that he's used to it. something like that, i can't quite remember. but he really didn't seem to think it was as serious as i made it (or even serious at all).

what do dreams about eating disorders mean?

thanks to whoever helps, and i'll try to comment on/interpret your dreams whenever i can. ♥
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