Skranakh the Insane (kyoko3468) wrote in pieces_of_sleep,
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Hello :D

Hello Everyone, I just joined this community and thought I'd share a little about myself.

My names' Leah, and I'm very interested in dreams. Ever since I was a small child I have been intrigued by these strange nightly visions. I have read some books on the matter and have thought about becoming a therapist who specializes on dreams. I have also documented my dreams and shared them with friends who know some things about them.

I strongly believe that intepreting dreams can help people with many of their every-day problems. Most people just disregard dreams as nothing, but I think if we take the time to look at them thoroughly, we may find things out that we never would've known otherwise.
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who's that in your icon?
Er, Elijah Wood? Is that who you mean?
wow ok he looks really different there!

in a really really really good way