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Hello, i have been having some reacurring dreams as of late, the three most forecful ones would be:

1)) I'm in a mental hospital, and as much as i try to tell them i'm not crazy, the more they think i am. Or i'm running away from a mental hopsital. Or I'm being sent to one. Something involving me and a mental hospital.

2)) In my dream, i'm in some form of trouble, and i know that if i just scream i can get help and everything will be all right, but when i open my mouth, nohting comes out. I can't scream, i can't even talk. Nothing. And, i have a fear that sometime like this will happen in real life.

3)) I'm running down a corridor and i'm trying to get to the door at the end, but the more i run, the farther the door gets. And things will happen. Things that try to stop me from getting to the door. Killer Clowns being the top one.

Gernally in my dreams when something terrible is happening to me, there is always Killer Clowns there either doing the damage or helping it along. Numerous books tell me that killer clowns mean a betrayal of a friendship. Though, i don't see how this is happening when i call my "friends" friends only out of habbit rather than really meaning it.

Also in my dreams, there is a guy who is always there. I think he may be an angel for he has wings that, depending on the type of dream, change colour. The most common ones being white and black and red. I've been able to talk to him a few times, and i will ask him his name, but when i wake up, i will forget it.

I know this is a lot, but these have been the things bothering my dreams for a while now... though i don't mind the angel, whom i call "Angel" only for the fact i don't know his name...

Anyway, that is all.

| *Bellatrix* |

angels fall from gace, and sometimes heroes die, but tonight, my love, ascend the gates, release the dragonfly...
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