A Silence So Eloquent Comes Rushing In...& Is Gone (eloquentsilence) wrote in pieces_of_sleep,
A Silence So Eloquent Comes Rushing In...& Is Gone

Night Journey

I had yet another OBE (out-of-body-experience). This has happened about half a dozen times before.

I was just at that hypnagogic state when I felt the usual vibrations around my head...(a sure sign that I would soon have an OBE)...the next thing was the sound of someone laughing. I remembered at that point I was feeling really scared because the laughter (which was that of a man) was not a friendly laughter at all.

I knew it was time to attempt walking out of my body, and as sure as can be, I came out looking down at my body on the bed!
I started walking towards the wall that faced my front garden, knowing that I could walk right through...but instead of finding myself outside my garden (which usually happens) I suddenly found myself sitting outside a strange place. There were two women close by me who were whispering and I knew they were talking about me (nothing good). People were walking, sitting, talking...it seemed as if it were a party of sorts. Two half naked guys, one with dreadlocks, came walking towards me...they looked like they were in love with each other..I watched them closely not knowing if they were a threat to me...then I began to relax when they passed me by.

The feeling of excitement was in the air...I suddenly wanted to check myself out so I lifted my feet up so that I could see what kind of shoes I was wearing, (they were beautiful!), then I wanted to see my clothes, it was some old fashioned black and white dress (something I wouldn't be wearing in these times whatsoever)...I felt my hair..it was different, more softer. Then I got the great big idea that I will get up to look around. It-is-the-most-unbelievable-awesome feeling knowing that I can control where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do...and yet knowing that my body lies safely in my bed at home. *Euphoria*...I felt bloody excited and happy!

Anyway, I got up and walked around and found myself in a room with beautiful marble floor, there were many tiny angels (figurines) and lighted candles all around...and there was a piano or organ in a corner. (I thought about playing the piano but then I decided that 'later' I will try). I continued going forward, my emotions going into bliss and my curiosity at what I will find eventually.

Suddenly! I felt an arm around my waist, I looked around and this strange man was holding me and trying to kiss me. I felt disgusted at the sight of him, and when he reached out to kiss me, I bit his lips and it was the most horrifying, revolting taste in my mouth...I wanted to puke, I wanted to get away! Then of course I began to call out Jesus's name, knowing that soon I will be free from this ' thing' which held on to me so tightly.

Next thing I knew I felt light and free, and I was back home in my body/ in my bed...relieved, yet a little scared, exhausted, but also disappointed that my experience was interrupted by this nightmare.

I can't wait for the next OBE...(mostly it is free from nightmares)...it is freaking awesome...*

If this is some kind of halucination/illusion/lucid dreaming...I still haven't a clue...but whatever the explanation, I still see it as *Incredible*.

*Could childhood abuse have anything to do with these experiences?

*And if it is as the experts claim...(halucinations)
How come I have (during OBE's) witnessed incidents before they happen which can be verified the following day or week after?
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